Space Wolves Painting Guide - Companies of Fenris by Games Workshop

Space Wolves Painting Guide - Companies of Fenris

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2014-08-16
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
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The Space Wolves Great Companies are warrior brotherhoods forged around the deeds of their Wolf Lords. Unlike the conventional formations of the Codex Chapters, each Wolf Lord’s Great Company favours weapons and ways of war unique to its leader, be they soaring through air upon skyships, thundering over the ground in armoured tanks or riding to war upon the backs of gigantic wolves. 
This product showcases four Space Wolves armies – Sven Bloodhowl’s Bloodwind, Harald Deathwolf’s Deathwolves, Egil Silverhand’s Ironwolves and Logan Grimnar’s Champions of Fenris.

Companies of Fenris: Space Wolves Painting Guide is a detailed painting guide for the Space Wolves. The product presents four different collections of Space Wolves each once including a wide variety of model drawn from the Space Wolves miniature range. Inside you will find a host of detailed painting guides, from Grey Hunters and Space Marine Bikes to Land Raiders and Logan Grimnar! 
Also as part of this guide, you will find a comprehensive collection of Space Wolves iconography and Company markings, allowing you to forge your collection of Space Wolves into a glorious army of Fenris.


  • Just what i expected

    By Fauberoptic
    I told myself if they ever come out with a space wolf book painting guide I would get it! It is pricy but I believe well worth it. it goes into alot of details with the step by step on about everything you can think or want from a painting guide. ive bought other painting guides that were a joke and waste of money. I would recommend downloading the sample first to see if you like how they present it.
  • Solid guide, but expensive

    By Xaositect
    Pros: excellent step-by-step guides, paint list up front of the painting section for easy reference, opens with a combined collecting and some history section worth the read. Cons: a bit expensive, closer in content and length to the $28-33 offerings. Missing a few odd items in the painting guide. In-depth: Excellent painting guide. Oddly, even though in the collecting section it specifically mentions some characters have red hair, there is no red hair painting guide. There is blond, two different browns and three ways to do grey, but no red. A few other minor ommisions like that, but that was the primary one that stood out to me. The beginning of the book is a collecting guide that covers 4 of the great companies. They go through several models, building solid fighting forces for each company that are nicely different from each other. While discussing the collections, there are bits of lore and a few combat stories to illustrate the different focus of each collection. Overall a very nice collecting and painting guide with a touch of lore thrown in. Easy reference page for getting all the paint colors used in the guide. Great step-by-step with pictures in clear focus throughout. Only negatives were the odd omissions, again nothing more than hair colors or such, and a little more expensive than other painting guides without the book feeling it was worth the more expense.